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Nonprofit Organizations

I am a volunteer at a local soup kitchen.  We feed at least 100 people, twice a week.  We operate solely on donations from geneous people.  It breaks my heart each week to see the homeless and the working poor come to eat and get out of the elements.  We need your help to keep this organization going.  With the economy down, many of our regular donations have lessened or diminished.  These are people like you and me that are just trying to survive and need that next meal.  If you could help us out in any way, even if it is one item at a time, our patrons would greatly appreciate it.  If you have a corporation and are looking for a place to make a donation, PLEASE consider us.  I can not bear to turn away hungry children.

Saint John's Soup Kitchen

Norristown, PA

Please reply to this so I can give you any further information that you may need to help.

 Thanks for taking an interest.

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